Written on 22 May 2016, 18.16 by Gene C. Alberto

What is grace?


Grace is a supernatural gift of God given to us through the merit of Jesus Christ for our salvation.


Any gift of God can be called a grace, but there are two most important kinds of grace: sanctifying grace and actual grace.


What is sanctifying grace?


Sanctifying grace is that grace which confers on our soul a new life, that is, a sharing in the life of God Himself.


What is actual grace?


Actual grace is a supernatural help of God which enlightens our mind and strengthens our will to do good and to avoid evil.

What are the principal ways of obtaining grace?


The principal ways of obtaining grace are prayer and the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist.

How can we make our most ordinary actions merit a heavenly reward?


We can make our most ordinary actions merit a heavenly reward by doing them for the love of God and by keeping ourselves in the state of grace.







I went to visit my friend Antonia over the weekend.  Antonia sat alone.  Her hands, wrinkled with age, rested in her lap.  She wore her finest dress.


Her bedroom wall spoke of family:  an enlargement of grandson Jason hugging Brando, the terrier, a framed portrait of her son Enrique, the doctor, and his family now living in Canada.  Antonia and her late husband cutting their fiftieth wedding anniversary cake.  “It would have been sixty years next June.”

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On the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit has fully come, the apostles and those that were with them in the Upper Room experience such ecstasy.  It was a journey.  They were all of one mind and heart, all of one accord with each other and with God.


In reality, man has been waiting for the experience of Pentecost.  We have been waiting a long time for God to do something in our lives, and we yield fully to Him.

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The Marian month of May is a month dedicated to Mary.  Little children the world over offer flowers to Mary, the Mother of God during this time of the year.


It was her motherly love and tenderness which cause us to be close to her.  The question remains why does she persist through the ages?  What is her appeal?  The answer is to be found in her human journey with God, in reality, is our journey too.


The Scripture tells us that when her Son was born, the powerbrokers of that time seethed and conspired to kill her baby.  They wanted His life, His spirit.  So parents today and down the ages, faced with so many soul-assassins, have identified with Mary.  They know so well there are people out there – the drug pushers, the media which glamorizes uncommitted sex, the hawkers with cash registers for hearts, the high leaders in government and in corporate world of corrupt and distorted values.  Parents know what Mary knew and fear what she feared.


After Jesus’ birth, Mary had to flee with her husband and child, and become a refugee in a foreign land. And so she immediately joins the countless displaced persons, the homeless huddling in the world’s doorways and sleeping on the nation’s gate and other millions of refugees walking on earth today looking for kindness.  These lowly ones who need to be lifted up are our brothers in Christ, and they can identify with Mary.


Mary indeed is not only a mother to us but also a model in whatever circumstances of life we may be.  We all see ourselves in her.  She is our loving and powerful intercessor to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Tomorrow, the 9th of May, is a moment of choice.  The Filipino people will go out to vote and freely choose the leaders whom we expect to serve us and whom we will hold accountable for their service to our country.


Since the election is held during the Marian month, let us pray to our Blessed Mother to intercede for us to have a peaceful and clean election and a unified people, before, during, and after election.


May the good Lord bless and keep us on the palm of His hand.







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