Written on 19 June 2016, 14.58 by Gene C. Alberto

Do the sacraments always give grace?

The sacraments always give grace if we receive them with right disposition. For example, the necessary disposition to receive the Sacrament of Penance are sorrow for sin and a firm purpose of amendment .If someone were to go to confession without being sorry,

he would not have the proper disposition. God would pour out the living water’s of grace through the sacrament, but lack of sorrow in the heart would block the pipelines, so that no grace would actually enter the soul.

Which are the sacraments that can be received only once?

The sacraments that can be received only once are Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders because they imprint on the soul a spiritual mark, called a

character, which last forever.

A character is a mark on the soul like a seal on soft wax. It stamps the image of Christ on the soul and gives the soul a share in the priestly power of Christ.

The character of Baptism gives the power to share in the Mass and to receive the other Sacraments.

The character of Confirmation gives power to fight spiritually with Christ and for Christ against the enemies of the Faith. The character of Holy Orders gives a full share in the priesthood of Christ,  power to offer Mass, to forgive sins, etc.



Scriptures: Is 12:49:8-10, Jn 4, 14, 7:37-39; 10:1-8, Rev 22:1-12 Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1211, 1212, 1269, 1275, 1324, 1374-75, 1425, 1533-

35, 1680, 1692, 2839




The Bible is the greatest love story ever written. It is the story of God’s love for all mankind. It is in the Bible that we find answer to life’s ultimate questions: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? What is the purpose of my existence?

A boy in Sunday School asked me: “Where did the Bible come from; did it fall from heaven?” The Bible didn’t fall from heaven, whole and entire. The Bible is actually a collection of divinely inspired literally, “God-breathed” books produced about 1600 years by human authors and editors who came from all walks of life and included prophets, kings, poets, scholars, doctors, missionaries and peasants.

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Where can I receive timely words of encouragement,words from Scripture, wisdom, correction and more? From the blessed lips of a godly man,my spiritual adviser for thirty seven years,


Rev. Fr. Adolf Faroni of Silician Order who is now reunited with his Creator. These are the words I respect because I truly believe that God speaks to me through him. Allow me to share them with you. I think they are not for me to keep.


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The widely published adversary and slander to theCatholic Church wherein the in-coming President Rodrigo Duterte used language loaded with strong emotional overtones against the Catholic Church prompted me toreact. I have nothing but goodwill and love for men of every faith and belief and I do not engage in parroting statements of thoughtless remarks.

The Catholic Church is not hypocrite and she is not conclusive or dictatorial as stated by Mr. Duterte. The Catholic Church has been clothed by her Founder, Jesus Christ, with authority to teach “all nations”.

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