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What are the circumstances that will surround Christ’s second coming?

Christ has told us that He is coming again at the end of the world.  He will come sitting on the clouds of heaven and His angels with Him.  The bodies of all those who have died will rise and go to meet Him.  It is then that He will judge the living and the dead.

The judgment will be passed on all men immediately after the resurrection of the body.  It is called general judgment.


What is meant by “resurrection of the body”?

At the end of the world the bodies of all men will rise from the earth and be united again to their souls nevermore to be separated

The bodies of the just will rise to share forever in the glory of their souls.  However, the bodies of the damned will also rise to share in the eternal punishment of their souls.



What is the judgment call which will be passed on each one of us immediately after death?

It is called the particular judgment.

If everyone is judged immediately after death, why will there be a general judgment?

Although everyone is judged immediately after death, it is fitting that there be a general judgment in order that the justice, wisdom and mercy of God may be glorified in the presence of all.

The general judgment is not really a trial, but a judgment, that is, a public declaration of the sentences or rewards already given or made in the particular judgment.

What are the rewards or punishments appointed for men after the particular judgment?

They are heaven, purgatory or hell.

Has the body of any human person ever been raised from the dead and taken into heaven?

By the special privilege of her Assumption, the body of the Blessed Virgin Mary, united to her immaculate soul, was glorified and taken...


Be a Welcoming Light

It is the sweetest thing we can know that the Lord will come again.  He who came once is to come again, because He has promised to return.  He would have us wait with our lights burning.  It is a very blessed thing to be in the watch for Christ; it is a blessing to us now.  How it detaches us from the world!  You can be poor without murmuring; you can be rich without worldliness; you can be sick without sorrowing; you can be healthy without presumption.  As we wait for Christ’s coming, blessings are wrapped up in that wonderful hope.

A good motto for guidance is this:  What would Jesus think of me if He were to come right now?  There are some places into which I should not go because I would not like the Lord to find me

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Deep Happiness

The greatest legacy of a mother to the world is her child. A mother’s greatest accomplishment is to bring up good children who are a delight to the Lord.

Last week on the first  Wednesday, the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish (SAAP) was full. The members of the Shepherding Ministry  came in full force. I believed they were there not only  to attend the healing mass by Monsignor Dennis Odiver,  but to listen to  the homily of a Jesuit deacon, Rev. Peter Mark Lopez, son of Tita Ope.

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“Come and See

“Walang Coincidence kasi lahat ng bagay ay may Rason.”

25 kabataan na may iba’t ibang kaugalian, 25 kaisipan na may kanya kanyang ipinaglalaban, 25 katawan na may sariling buhay at 25 katauhan na di pa natin napagmamasdan.

Noong Oktobre 24-26, nagkaroon ng panibagong batch ng mga kabataan na dumalo sa Youth Encounter (Y.E.) na ginanap sa St. Joseph Retreat House Sampaloc, Manila at ang grupo ng mga kabataang ito ay pinangalanang “Dory ’14.”

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