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Why does the Church teach that Jesus is God?

Isaiah prophesied, “A child is born to us, a son is given to us (Is. 9:5).  Christians have long seen in these words a prophesy of Jesus birth.

The reality that God himself became a man for our salvation – what is called the Incarnation (literally, “becoming flesh”) is the heart of Christian faith.  Denial of this truth is heretic.

Jesus Himself declared “The Father [that is God] and I are one (Jn 10:30).  In fact, virtually every attribute of the Father in heaven – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who revealed Himself in the Old Testament – was claimed by Jesus for Himself.  He spoke authoritatively as God (rather than merely for God).  He accepted worship.  He forgave sins.  He said He was equal with the Father and He had existed eternally.

In the New Testament authors verified His claim “In the beginning,” the Gospel according to John announced, “was the Word/… the Word was God/…All things came to be through Him,/ and without Him nothing came to be./  And the Word became flesh.” (Jn 1:1, 23, 14).

St. Paul wrote, “dwells the whole fullness of the deity body” (Col 2:9)


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The Golden Milestone

The St. Andrew the Apostle Parish once again celebrated another milestone in the life of our parish priest

Msgr. Dennis Odiver last Jan. 2. He celebrated his 50th birthday together with the entire parish with a solemn mass and a simple dinner. The dinner was prepared by the different sub-parishes,

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We are always searching – searching for meaning, searching for answers, searching for people. Our search leads us to discover things about the world, things about people around us and things about ourselves. Now, it is timeto discover more about our faith. In December 2014, the Archdiocesan Commission on Youth began the creation of a new ministry focused on the young adults of parish communities. This new ministry is called the Young Adult Ministry or YAM. It is a parish-based

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I will write about priesthood to highlight the 25th anniversary of the ordination of our parish priest, Rev. Msgr. Dennis Odiver.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines a priest as mediator, a go-between, whose work is to unite.  God and man.  The priest in the name of the bishop guides the people of God entrusted to his care and leads them to the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

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